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Baker and Bob

Bob started playing guitar as a young man, dragging his dad's old Gibson out of the closet to "entertain" his family. He has always been partial to acoustic guitar but has played numerous styles throughout the years. Bob met Ron Baker through his music store in the early 90's as Ron visited for guitar service. Ron's writing and singing along with Bob's ability to embellish the music and words facilitated a mutual respect and a quick bond soon followed. Ron began attending a weekly home worship at Bob's house and the musical and spiritual relationship grew.


Ron has always loved music as an art form. With no formal musical education, Ron thought it unattainable to reach the lofty heights of being known as a musician. Ron's writing was influenced most by folk, rock, county and blues. At family visits to Grant's Lick Kentucky, extended family gatherings on Grandma and Grandpa Baker's front porch would break into song with guitars, fiddles, banjos and juice harps. Grandma would play the upright piano just inside the front door (on church hymns only) as she thought it unacceptable to join in with Uncle Brian and his local boys. Three, four and five part harmonies including Ron would ring out like angelic voices through the night air with heaven itself, at times, seeming to have a listen.


God's grace has maintained this long, deep friendship. He also has fused the duo's folk, rock, country and blues influences into a unique blend of sounds that provide a great vehicle for the challenging and playful lyrics to tell stories lifted from the pages of the Bible. Do you remember the old hymn, "I Love to Tell the Story?" Well, Ron and Bob love to tell the story.


God also has a story. It is one of salvation, forgiveness and redemption. Just like with Ron and Bob's lives, God wants to tell His love story through you. Ron and Bob hope that this album experience will help you draw closer to God. They hope that these lyrical interpretations of God's word will inspire you to dig deeper into the pages of the Bible so that you can discover God's story in your own life. Ron and Bob pray that your tests become testimonies, your valleys will lead you to the mountain tops, and that all roads will lead you to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.